Sustainable Library

I was intrigued by what the Library of the Future in Plain English had to say about new libraries being sustainable. My town, Castro Valley, opened a new library in 2009, and it was designed to be green. (Pictures are from September 2012 when I did a report on the library for my LIBR 200 class).

September 2012 037September 2012 036

The new library has a solar installation that provides the library electricity, and a screen lets patrons see current energy production.

September 2012 026

You can also view the library’s energy info on the web, from a link on the library’s website. (As I write this post, there’s nothing happening solar-wise since it is pouring).

The library’s large windows make good use of natural light, and make it a really pleasant place to be.

September 2012 008

The library design extended into the outside areas, really thinking “outside” the box of the library. A creek that was just a sealed concrete culvert was opened up, and there is a more natural environment, with native plants, and a bridge over the creek.

September 2012 030

The bridge leads to a small playground which helps entice families to the library. (I’ve taken my kids since they were toddlers and it’s a perfect complete outing–run off some energy and enjoy the great offerings inside the library as well.)

September 2012 033

There is even a small creekside amphitheater where some library programs take place (for example, programs with visiting animals from the nearby Sulphur Creek Nature Center).

September 2012 034

Here is more information about some of the library’s sustainability features. This library is definitely a gem for Castro Valley.



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